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Resource Coordinator - 25 hours per week

* More hours may be available, contingent upon the employee’s ability to raise additional funds.
* Current funding provides for 1 year of this position. Continuation is dependant on future funding.
Compensation & Benefits: $12.50-14.00 per hour, DOE. PTO accruing at .04 hours/hour worked.

The Resource Coordinator at Global Neighborhood is responsible for working with each refugee employee to identify their most significant barriers, and then empowering them and connecting them with available resources, services, and volunteers in order that they can overcome those barriers.

The Resource Coordinator reports to the Executive Director and works in partnership with the Store Manager and other key staff. He/she supervises all volunteers under his/her direction.



  1. Meet weekly with each employee.
  2. Work with each employee to identify the most significant barriers preventing them from thriving.
  3. Equip, coach, and empower employees to overcome barriers.
  4. Collect and evaluate useful data regarding employees, barriers, methods, and outcomes.
  5. Build useful partnerships with outside agencies and resources, and refer employees when able.
  6. Recruit, train, and match volunteers with employees.
  7. Work with the Store Manager to coordinate employee schedules and job training goals.
  8. Meet regularly with the Executive Director.


  1. Self care.
  2. Program development.
  3. Adult education.
  4. Cross cultural communication.
  5. Coaching and empowerment.
  6. Volunteer recruitment, training, and coordination.
  7. Data collection and interpretation.
  8. Delegation.


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