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September 15 // 5 – 8pm 

Snapshot: Global Neighborhood Reception

304 W. Pacific Ave., Spokane (Terrain Building)


This summer Terrain opened a new gallery show entitled Snapshot: A Look at Spokane Now. Our hope with Snapshot is to capture this moment in the life of our city from as many perspectives as possible.

This particular event is in celebration of the photographic contributions of local former refugees supported by Global Neighborhood. The contributors are Athraa and Mohammed; a wife and husband from Iraq, Mahsumeh is a mother from Afghanistan who is now Global Neighborhood’s assistant manager at the thrift store, Farah is from Sudan and is now lead driver for Global Neighborhood and Mohammed who is previously an electrician and from Syria.

We want to celebrate the Spokane we see emerging — the tremendous growth, the pride, the enthusiasm — but we also want to challenge ourselves as a community to ensure this change makes Spokane a more hopeful place for everyone.

To that end, we’ve asked various groups to capture Spokane through their eyes. We’ve given out cameras, collected images through a hashtag – #snapshotspokane – held writing workshops and asked professional photographers to contribute to this ever-growing, increasingly layered show.

A special thank you to the Smith-Barbieri Progressive Fund, A Charitable Foundation who contributed the cameras for this project.

September 23 // 6 – 10pm

GN Thrift (work) Party!

Global Neighborhood Thrift Store : 902 W. Indiana Ave

We are seeking adult volunteers to help us completely rearrange our thrift store for the fall and winter season. We are looking for participants who are willing and able to carry stuff, move stuff around, organize, etc. Supporting GN Thrift is the number one way to help Global Neighborhood in it’s efforts to employ and empower former refugees. This evening will directly impact the functionality and success of the thrift store!

Thank you for your willingness to give your time, talent and muscles! Please RSVP at contact@global-neighborhood.org so we know how much person-power to expect for the evening. We will meet in the furniture section at 6pm.

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