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Elise left her home in Cameroon when the tribal and political fighting became too dangerous for her to stay. She went to Morocco for two years and with the help of the UNHCR she and her two kids ages 5 and 2 were able to get asylum and finally come to Spokane in March of 2017. She doesn’t have any family here but has made both American and African friends. Elise speaks French, local Cameroon dialects and is level 2 English at Monroe School. Spokane is quieter than what she came to expect but she finds that she is enjoying the quiet and calm of it. She likes to be part of get-togethers, go to the movies, and would even like to be an actress some day! She likes to be in nature hiking or picnicking and enjoys traveling, practicing photography and listening to music or just relaxing and enjoying the moment. She is still discovering ways to participate in her hobbies in Spokane. Elise started working with us in August and we are glad to have her as a part of Global Neighborhood!

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