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In 2009 Francine, her husband and their two children fled the
violence in their home country of the Congo and went to
Malawi. While they were in Malawi they opened a small
grocery stand and then a restaurant. In October of 2016 they
were finally able to move to the US with their five children.
They settled in Seattle for 5 months before moving to Spokane
in February of 2017 where they had their sixth child the following
month. Francine’s husband works the evening shift as a
caregiver while she goes to English classes and pursues her
African clothing business during the day. She’s a businessminded
woman and we have no doubt that she will pursue her
dreams of having an African clothing store one day. She speaks four languages; English, Swahili, French and Chichewa. Francine and
her family enjoy living in Spokane and have made friends at
church and in their neighborhood.

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