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In 2012 Ibrahim, his wife and their seven children moved from Syria to Lebanon so
his wife could seek treatment for jaw cancer. She underwent treatment and by the
time a year had passed it was too dangerous in Syria for them to return home. They
had lost everything they had worked for and their home was gone. Their oldest son
had moved to Turkey and they joined him there until they were able to come to
Spokane with their six youngest children ages 21, 19, 18, 14, 14 (twins) and 12.
Their oldest son stayed behind in Turkey with his wife. In Syria, Ibrahim “flipped”
houses and in Lebanon and Turkey he worked in Construction. Once he learns
enough English and gets settled he would like to “flip” houses in Spokane too.
Although his wife is cancer-free, she still needs surgery in Seattle to rebuild her jaw
that was deformed from the cancer. They are saving up and hope to have the money
for the surgery one day. Ibrahim has been amazed at the kindness and generosity of
the people in Spokane. When we asked Ibrahim what he would like to pursue in
Spokane, his first concern after his wife’s surgery was that he re-pay the people who
have been so generous to his family.

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