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When the Syrian civil war started Mohammed was a taxi driver living with his family in Aleppo, Syria. To get away from the war they went from Aleppo to Damascus. When it became dangerous there, they set out for a village in the country. He and his family were on a bus with 60 people that was ambushed at a checkpoint. Many people on the bus died. Mohammed and his family survived but he still suffers from the neck and chest injuries he sustained. He, his wife and daughter fled to Lebanon for a year-and-a-half then to Turkey for two-and-a-half years and finally, four years after leaving Syria, they made it to Spokane in January of 2017. Their family has grown and they now have 5 children. They are glad to be living somewhere where they feel safe and they appreciate the friendly people they have met in Spokane. Mohammad has many stories to share about the war in Syria and he is willing to talk about his painful experiences because he wants people to know what is happening. In Spokane he enjoys going to the Mosque and has made friends there and in his neighborhood. He hopes to one day learn enough English so that he can either become a taxi driver or have an Arabic food truck.

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