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Mohammed and Athraa left their home country of Iraq in pursuit of a safer life for their 3 young children. When they left Iraq they went to a refugee camp in Turkey for a year before being able to come to Spokane in February of 2017. They left behind good jobs, family and friends; including Athraa’s parents who insist on staying in their country. She misses them very much, is worried about their safety and hopes to visit them when it is safer to do so. While Mohammed and Athraa miss their family, friends and what their country used to be, they area grateful to be living in Spokane where there is opportunity and safety. They have enjoyed taking their kids to the community pool in the summer and have made some friends in Spokane. They are both going to Spokane Falls Community College for the Intensive English Language Program where they work hard to learn English so that they can provide for their family, get to know people and navigate life in Spokane better. Athraa used to work at her father’s pottery studio in Iraq where she made bowls, vases, and art pieces. Her goal is to be able to work in pottery again one day. Mohammed worked in construction on large-scale buildings creating the rebar structures for concrete. We are glad to have both Athraa and Mohammed at Global Neighborhood where they are exceptional employees and a pleasure to work with.


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