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Global Neighborhood invites you to be a part of our work! There are countless ways to take action that will impact not only former-refugees but the volunteer as well. Time spent listening and learning with our employees has a way of changing one's perspective - we can assure you of this. If today's refugees crisis has stirred a desire to help in you, or if you simply want to learn more, here are a few ways you can begin:



Do you have used clothing, furniture, or household items you don't know what to do with?  Your trash is our treasure!  The more items donate to Global Neighborhood Thrift, the more jobs we are able to provide to former-refugees.  Visit GN Thrift's website to set up a free donation pickup.


We strive to pair every employee with a volunteer that serves as a tutor, conversation partner, working buddy, Spokane connection, or cultural resource - but most of all a friend.  Our hope is to cultivate a community at Global Neighborhood that stands the test of time and transition for those we serve. We would love for you to be a part of our work!  For specific opportunities to offer your time, please email us below.


Do you have a specific skill or passion you would like to share?  We want those who contribute to Global Neighborhood to do what they do best.  Please email us below if you are interested in sharing your gifts.


Our mission to employ, empower, and educate refugees in our city is made possible by the support of many. We would love to partner with you in providing former refugees with opportunities for holistic development.

Here are some of the ways that your support would impact the Global Neighborhood community:

A monthly gift of $25 for one year provides a former-refugee with 3 months of training, education, and support.

A one-time gift of $25 provides a former-refugee with one week of training, education, and support.


We would be happy to provide details on the most current volunteer opportunities.  Please email us below.  

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