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We are Global Neighborhood.

A community benefit organization that focuses on using business to provide former refugees with opportunities for development so they can thrive and contribute as equal members of our community.

Refugees who arrive in Spokane face unparalleled challenges in every area of life.  Global Neighborhood works to assist them by providing the tools they need to thrive in our city.  We do this in three primary ways:


The road to holistic development begins with a job.  Global Neighborhood provides former-refugees with employment at Global Neighborhood Thrift that offers a stable paycheck and educational opportunities.


We want former-refugees to have opportunities for continued growth and development.  Education is the key to this growth.  Learning happens both on the job and in the relationships surrounding it at Global Neighborhood.


Former-refugees learn so much from a job at Global Neighborhood, but what matters to us is that they believe they are capable of continuing this.  Our work is about giving others the tools they need to find success within themselves.

We exist as an organization not only to help former-refugees, but also to learn from them, and we want to extend these same opportunities to you.

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